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EGG Amino 6000 360tbl

EGG Amino 6000 360tbl

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Amino acids are necessary for proper body function. They are best known as the „building blocks“ of muscle, but they have a variety of roles in your body. There are a total of 20 amino acids that are used by the body on a daily basis. Without these in your diet, your body would begin to break down.

AmixTM EGG Amino 6000 is derived from pure EGG white protein (albumin), is a concentration of superior peptide-bonded amino acids rich in all three BCAAs. Promotes positive nitrogen balance and increases protein synthesis.

AmixTM Egg Amino 6000 meets the rigid requirements of competitive athletes and bodybuilders who need extra protein as a major source of building materials for bigger, stronger muscles.


• Fat-Free egg amino supplement
• Cholesterol free formula
• Contains all 8 essential amino acids
• Contributes to faster recovery
• All natural

Recommended dosage:
Take 6 tablets two or three times a day between meals with plenty of liquid. For maximal effect add one serving before sleep.


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