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Evolite CarbElite 1000g

Evolite CarbElite 1000g

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EVOLITE CarbElite - 1000g

  • Quickly and effectively regenerates muscle glycogen
  • It provides the necessary calories for building lean muscle mass
  • Combination of two carbohydrate fractions
  • Exemplary solubility
  • A quick source of energy during long workouts

Take care of extra energy - CarbElite

Every athlete in his career experiences a crisis of form. Today, however, you don't have to stop the training cycle to go back to the gym and show class. CarbElite is a supplement that will support your work undertaken during exercise, add energy and at the same time take care of post-workout regeneration by regulating muscle glycogen.

You can do more - Energy at your fingertips

You don't have to condemn yourself. Why should you lose motivation to act? Today there are opportunities to remain in excellent condition. The extra energy provided by CarbElite from EVOLITE will allow you to give the gym a real impression and at the same time ensure that you do not feel the negative consequences of overtraining.

EVOLITE CarbElite is especially recommended for people undergoing intense physical exertion. The formulation is based on carefully combined sources of carbohydrates, selected according to specific digestion rate profiles and the release of simple sugars into the bloodstream. Laboratory-selected proportions of carbohydrate sources with high (dextrose) and medium (maltodextrin) glycemic indexes ensure stable blood saturation with energy components for a period of 2 hours from the moment of taking the preparation .

CarbElite can be successfully used both after and during training, being an uninterrupted source of energy for continuing a long-term sports load. The high content of maltodextrins guarantees that the insulin level is maintained during exercise, at a stable level, guaranteeing uniformly effective supply of the working muscle cells with the necessary energy components.

RECOMMENDED PORTION FOR USE DURING THE DAY: 1 serving - 30g (1 scoop) dissolve in about 300ml of water and drink. Consume 2-3 times a day (before, during and / or after exercise)
NOTE: Do not consume if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

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