L-Carnitine Drink 500ml

L-Carnitine Drink 500ml

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L-Carnitine Drink 1000mg is a ready to drink L-Carnitine product delivering 1000mg of L-Carnitine per bottle. It’s made for serious individuals who are looking to help them to meet their weight management and fitness goals.

Convert Fat to Energy with L-Carnitine

The active ingredient in L-Carnitine Drink 1000mg has been scientifically shown to take part in the body's fat brakedown and energy production processes. The use of L-Carnitine can also aids in reducing muscle acidosis and support overall cardiovascular health.

Add L-Carnitine Drink 1000mg to your active lifestyle and improve your results.

Use L-Carnitine Drink before and during training for extra hydration.

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