Yoo-Hoo! Energy 15 chewable tabs Cola Expand

Yoo-Hoo! Energy 15 chewable tabs Cola

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Gentle energy flow
The spark you need
Halfway through your busy day, you feel fatigue getting a hold of you. But you try to stay away from coffee, having had a few cups earlier on already and well aware that a bucketload of strong coffee doesn’t really have the desired effect either. Wouldn’t it be great to have some alternative kind of pick-me-up with nutrients to help reduce your tiredness? The type that doesn’t overload your body with aimless, high-voltage jitteriness, but instead gives you milder doses of several agents that work synergistically to give you just the spark you need to nudge yourself past that difficult moment.

Did you hear that? A very gentle “Yoo-Hoo!” coming from right over there! Could it be? Have your prayers finally been answered?

4-whee! drive
Prozis Yoo-Hoo is part of a range of supplements developed to suit the diverse needs of the everyday person, athlete or not, with an emphasis on an active, healthy lifestyle, and on supplementing an already varied and balanced diet.

Developed as a refresher for body and mind, Yoo-Hoo combines four different ingredients that will make you go “whee!”. Besides the magnificent mineral Magnesium, it boasts capable Caffeine and top-tier Taurine, provided in the form of cola-flavored chewable tabs of which you can take 2 per day. With more of an easy-does-it approach than similar supplements, it features effective yet modest doses of each ingredient.

Under the magnifying glass
When you still have a while to go but feel your legs almost giving way from under you, magnesium is your best friend. It helps reduce tiredness, but also has other properties that come in handy when it comes to proper functioning and performance of the body:

contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, electrolyte balance, and a normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Easy does it
Caffeine, famous as it is, doesn’t require much explanation. Most of us know its effects and benefits extremely well. But don’t expect Yoo-Hoo to give you a megadose of caffeine like so many other supplements provide, though: one 2-tab daily serving amounts to 40 mg of caffeine, a little less than the content of your typical cup of coffee. Easy does it, remember?

Taurine definitely provides some extra kick to Yoo-Hoo. It’s an amino acid commonly found in the ingredient lists of many well-known energy drinks and also widely available on its own in supplement form.

Prozis Yoo-Hoo highlights:
  • One daily intake provides 31% of the NRV of magnesium
  • With caffeine and taurine
  • Only 2 tabs per daily intake
  • Handy and tasty chewable tabs

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