Vitamin D3 4.000 I.U. - 90softgels

Vitamin D3 4.000 I.U. - 90softgels

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Amix™ Performance Vitamin D3 softgels supply this key vitamin in a highly absorbable liquid softgel form.

Vitamin D 4.000 I.U. - food supplement

Vitamin D is one of 24 essential vitamins necessary for human survival and belongs to fat-soluble vitamins. It can be produced naturally by our body when we expose our skin to ultraviolet light, or though dietary sources. Sometimes it is known as „sunshine“ vitamin.

Thanks our very busy lifestyle we don´t have so much time to be every day on a sun and therefore you should have possibility to get this vitamin by the food or food supplement.

Vitamin D
»  contributes to normal absorption/utilisation
   of calcium and phosphorus
»  contributes to normal blood calcium levels
»  contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
»  contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function
»  contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth
»  contributes to the normal function of the immune system
»  Vitamin D has a role in the process of cell division

»  Easy to swallow capsules
»  Maintainance in strong muscles, bones, teeth and Immune system

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Take 1 capsule (softgel) daily with meal.

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