Power System Flex Loop kummilint, Roosa (Kerge)

Power System Flex Loop kummilint, Roosa (Kerge)

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  • Use these bands to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength; also adaptable at home For anyone looking for an injury prevention or injury rehabilitation
  • An be used for a range of workouts, from gluten and hip Activation, strength techniques to integrate seamlessly with every popular workout PROGRAM such as yoga, Pilates, and etc.
  • These 60*5 cm top quality resistance bands are snap-resistant, and ; lightweight and easy to carry; get a great resistance bands workout at home, the gym or when travelling
  • Three color-coded resistance levels for any user, Whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training 
  • Each band is 30cm round long and 5cm wide. Plus, you can combine the resistance bands by stacking to give many different resistance levels for your workouts.
  • They can be used for working out and to tone up, Yoga, Pilates as well as training and rehabilitation. Ideal for toning your legs and butt.


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