Ah-Hah! Memopower 15 chewable tabs - Kiwi Suurenda

Ah-Hah! Memopower 15 chewable tabs - Kiwi

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Sweet, sweet memory Memory lane

Remember that fish, from that animated movie? That one with short-term memory loss? I can't seem to recall her name… Sure enough, it would only take a few seconds to look it up on the internet, but of course the human memory is vital for so much more than just remembering trivia. For instance, having no memory implies the inability to learn, or even recognize the simplest of things we see in front of us. And although our memory also stores things we'd rather forget, we should be grateful for the memory functions we possess. There's no denying it: memory is one of the most important functions of the brain.

To keep our brain running in the smoothest possible way, Prozis has developed Ah-Hah! A multi-ingredient supplement featuring the important mineral zinc and pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, as well as a few more aces up its sleeve.

Total recall
Prozis Ah-Hah! is part of a range of supplements developed to suit the diverse needs of the everyday person, athlete or not, with an emphasis on an active, healthy lifestyle, and on supplementing an already varied and balanced diet.

With an active formula consisting of Zinc, Pantothenic Acid and Taurine, as well as Griffonia, Bacopa and Ginkgo added to the mix, Ah-Hah! does its job in more than one way. All ingredients are featured in relatively mild doses, and the kiwi-flavored chew tabs make it tasty and easy to take, too!

Just a reminder
Sporting 6 carefully selected ingredients in its formula, Ah-Hah! can rightly be considered as a comprehensive supplement. Developed to keep your “memopower central” running optimally, it's got zinc and pantothenic acid as its cornerstones. Among the many functions these two nutrients have, their mind boosting properties stand out:

contributes to normal cognitive function.

contributes to normal mental performance.

Let's not forget these
Griffonia seed, from the Griffonia simplicifolia, provides the substance 5-HTP, a valuable substance for many bodily processes that is also popular as a stand-alone supplement.

Bacopa, scientifically known as Bacopa monnieri, is a herb whose habitat spans several continents. It is held in high esteem in Indian Ayurveda medicine, quite possibly because of its bacopaside content.

Ginkgo leaves, from the Ginkgo biloba tree, supply precious flavone glycosides, substances that play several roles in all sorts of living organisms.

Taurine, lastly, has been added to give Ah-Hah! some extra bang. This amino acids commonly appears in the ingredient lists of popular energy drinks, and is also widely used in other supplements.

Prozis Ah-Hah! highlights:

  • No megadoses
  • With Zinc and Pantothenic Acid
  • Six-ingredient formula
  • Handy and tasty chewable tabs

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Ah-Hah! Memopower 15 chewable tabs - Kiwi

Ah-Hah! Memopower 15 chewable tabs - Kiwi



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