Thermo Drine Liquid 500ml
    Thermo Drine Liquid 500ml

    Thermo Drine Liquid 500ml

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    It is quite common for dieters that during the low calorie diet we do not pay attention to the adequate amount of vitamin and mineral intake. Therefore we are lack of vitality, we feel tired and many times we are short tempered. The Thermo Drine Liquid regulates the blood sugar level and the water consumption helps to fill up the stomach and also has a cleansing effect. The energizing compounds give you extra energy so we will not feel tired and fatigue or depressed during the dieting period. It contains vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and energizing compounds. Also you can find L-Carnitine in this product which is the most effective natural fat burner. The L-Carnitine helps you to get more energy from fat burning.

    Recommendation: We recommend this product for dieting and to reduce body fat. It is also ideal for athletes as an energizing calorie free sport drink.

    Suggested use: To prepare a drink dissolve 10 ml concentrate (approx. one tablespoon) with 250 ml water. It tastes even better if you dissolve it in sparkling water.

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    Thermo Drine Liquid 500ml
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    BioTechUSA has been on the market since 1999 offering high quality food supplements. The company has a wide product variation, that is continuously being improved through development and innovation based on consumer feedback.


    Water, L-carnitine, choline bitartrate,acid (citric acid), taurine, inulin, caffeine, inositol,glucuronolactone, Camellia sinensis leaf extract,preservative (potassium sorbate), L-ascorbic acid,nicotinamide, flavour, sweeteners (sucralose,acesulfame K), DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate, calciumpantothenate, colour (azorubine*), pyridoxinehydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, folicacid, biotin, cyanocobalamin. * May have an adverseeffect on activity and attention in children.

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