OstroVit Cherry Flavoured Sauce 350g
    OstroVit Cherry Flavoured Sauce 350g

    OstroVit Cherry Flavoured Sauce 350g

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    OstroVit Cherry Flavoured Sauce is a delicious cherry-flavoured sauce with no added sugar! The product is a perfect additive to desserts, pancakes, pies and low-fat snacks and for people who want to cut down on a daily intake of calories. Are you looking for a sweet dish and dessert additive which does not make you fat? Or maybe you are on a low-carb diet and you suffer from lack of sweetness? Try our latest sauces with no added sugar. Pick your favourite flavour and enjoy it without limits. One portion of the sauce represents only 0,5 calories!

    Sauces with no added sugar by OstroVit!

    Although most of us love sweets, overeating may lead to unpleasant consequences for your health and beautiful look. Fortunately sweet and tasty does not necessarily mean fattening! Our latest line of sauces with no added sugar confirms that claim! How is that even possible? A single portion of our sauce represents fewer than one calorie. Additionally the product is utterly devoid of sugar and contains traces of fats and other carbohydrates. Its composition includes two low-glycemic-index sweeteners: erythritol and sucralose, and bamboo fiber which serves as an important source of insoluble fiber.

    Our calorie-free sauces are a perfect alternative to high-calories coating glazes, toppings and creams which are filled with large amounts of sugar. Sauces are available in five original flavours (chocolate, sour cherry, chocolate with sour cherry, coconut, strawberry) which you can use separately or mix to create unique flavour combinations. Choose our low-calorie sauce if you:

    • love sweets
    • are on a reducing diet
    • are on a low-carb diet
    • cut down on calories
    • are looking for a healthier alternative to fattening sugar-rich sauces


    Sauces by OstroVit is a perfect offer for all those who love sweets but wish to stay fit. They perform well in people who try to slim down because they do not hinder a daily diet. Sauces are poor in calorific value so that you can feel free to use them without limits.

    The most important features of the product:

    • RICH FLAVOUR – Our sauces are a true pleasure to your taste buds. Although the sauce is sugar-free, its flavour is intensive and rich. The product will surely meet your requirements!
    • LOW AMOUNT OF CALORIES – When you slim down, you not necessarily need to make unpleasant sacrifices. Thanks to our sauces, you can enjoy sweets with no worries about calories. Say goodbye to your pricks of conscience and do not limit yourself any more!
    • SOURCE OF FIBER – Sauces are rich in a vegan 100% natural bamboo fibre with a neutral flavour and aroma. The fibre causes your sauce consistency to be perfect and make you full earlier.
    • CONVENIENT PACKAGING – A handy sauce bottle allows precise product dosing. The packaging takes little space so that you can store it on the fridge doors. Shake before every use!


    Suggested usage:

    Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use up within one month. Shake well before use.

    Do not ingest if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


    Nutritional factsPer portionPer 100 g
    Energy2.1 kJ / 0.5 kcal41 kJ / 9.8 kcal
    Fat0 g0 g
    - of which saturated fatty acids0 g0 g
    Carbohydrates0.5 g9.7 g
    - of which sugars0 g0.9 g
    - of which polyhydric alcohols (polyols)0.4 g8.4 g
    Fibre0.1 g2.1 g
    Protein0 g0.1 g
    Salt0.01 g0.20 g

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    OstroVit Cherry Flavoured Sauce 350g
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