Anabolic Masster 2200g

Anabolic Masster 2200g

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Unique and effective macro nutrition designed especially for athletes with the highest demands. The base is a high quality mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and exclusive „package“ consisted of a combination of high value components (Creatine Monohydrate, Kre-Alkalyn®, CEE, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine-AKG, BCAA amino acids, Tribulus Terrestris, Guggul extract, ….), to support the explosive anabolic effect of the product.

If you do not want to waste your time with searching for the necessary and effective product combinations offered in a wide variety, bet on the product Anabolic Masster™. This is a perfect „all-in-one“ product, comprising a combination of highly efficient and high quality raw materials.

The protein mixture of the product Anabolic Masster™ combines especially whey protein concentrate, amino acids derived from beef protein, two types of whey isolates produced by CFM® (Cross-Flow Microfiltration) method and unique process of the ion exchange – Ion Exchange. The perfection of the amino acid spectrum of the product highlight amino acids from hydrolysed whey protein and Egg albumin.

Anabolic Masster™ has also unique content of high quality carbohydrates with the high energy potential and the ability to transport the creatine contained in the product quickly and efficiently to your muscles.


♦ ultimate protein-carbohydrate formula
♦ contains CFM® and Ion Exchange whey Isolates
♦ maximises nutrient supply to muscle tissue
♦ increases vascularity and muscle pumps
♦ boosts energy and performance levels

Recommended use: The basic daily dosage is 100g. Split the dose and use 50 g (1,5 scoop) about 1 hour before the training and 50g (1,5 scoop) till about 1 hour after training. The dose (50g) mix in 200 ml of pure water or low fat milk. Use the shaker Amix™ or mixer for mixing.

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