Nutriversum - VITA - Multi Vitamin - 60tab
    Nutriversum - VITA - Multi Vitamin - 60tab

    Nutriversum - VITA - Multi Vitamin - 60tab

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    vegan_64px.pnggluten_64px.pngcukormentes_64px.pnglactose_64px.png high_dosage_64px.png  
    It does not contain animal sources, so it is a product suitable for a vegan diet.
    It is also recommended for people with gluten sensitivity.
    Sugar free
    It does not contain sugar, it is an ideal choice for dieting/slimming.
    Lactose free
    It is also recommended for lactose intolerant people.
    High active ingredient content
    Product with extra high active ingredient content.
    A hit product
    The product is particularly popular among consumers.


    General daily multivitamin dietary supplement tablet with vitamins and minerals from A to Z.

    Consuming two tablets a day ensures the intake of vitamins and minerals necessary for our body in accordance with the indicated RDA amounts.

    Adequate vitamin and mineral supply plays a role in the healthy functioning of the immune system and the nervous system, as well as in maintaining vitality and mental performance. (vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin B5)

    • 13 kinds of vitamins.
    • 11 kinds of minerals.
    • Practical (1 month) packaging.
    • Fantastic value for money.

    Who do we recommend?

    For you, who

    • you don't eat enough fruit/vegetables,
    • you are exposed to the harmful effects of stress,
    • you often get sick
    • you also want to take care of the health of your loved ones,

    or you are simply looking for an excellent value for money multivitamin.

    Try it yourself!

    How do you consume it?

    Take 1-1 tablet with plenty of liquid every day with your first and last meal!

    Packaging: 60 tablets

    Warning:  Do not exceed the daily consumption amount! Dietary supplements do not replace a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle, they should always be kept out of the reach of children

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    Nutriversum - VITA - Multi Vitamin - 60tab
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