Beta-Ecdyx Pure (Ecdisten)
    Beta-Ecdyx Pure (Ecdisten)

    Beta-Ecdyx Pure (Ecdisten)

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    Beta Ecdysterone (also called 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone) is a plant sterol used widely in body building and muscle building. Beta-Ecdysterone helps to produce a highly anabolic environment in the body resulting in numerous performance enhancing benefits. It‘s proven safe and effective for men and women! AmixTM Beta Ecdyx is a non-hormonal dietary supplement that will cause a huge increase in anabolism but will not effect hormone levels

    -         Increases lean muscle and reduces body fat
    -         Increases protein synthesis
    -         Enhances endurance and performance
    -         Enhances immune, sexual and memory functions
    -         300mg per capsule
    Recommended dosage:
    Take 1 capsule twice daily with some high protein supplement. Wash down with plenty of water.

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    Beta-Ecdyx Pure (Ecdisten)
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